Awesome aussies

I’m gonna write my first post in pure English (sorry mum and dad but I’m sure you can handle it). It’s a good practice, and I don’t have to write things twice 🙂

I’m thinking of Australian people. The way they act in general to strangers. How I, as a Scandinavian, in comparison is so damn stiff sometimes. Being here for a short time though, I might romanticize it all a tad, but I see some differences in how we approach people.

We all care for each other, the people surrounding us. We want everyone to be well, and we want that in return – of course! If I go groceries shopping  in Sweden, or I order an ice cream, or buying a ticket for a cinema – anything that makes me communicate with someone other than myself – I mostly get a… rather “coolish” communication. The deal is pretty much set in a couple of standard dialog phrases “Hi, may I have that please, thank you, goodbye”. And I guess that’s okay too, but here it’s different.

I went to Coles the other day [for swedes – similar to “Coop”] and I apparently had the look of a lost child, because a employee comes up to me asking me what I’m looking for.

I was stunned. Has that ever happened to you in Sweden??

AND while he kindly directing me to the right shelf of cockroach spray, he asked me how my weekend was. He maybe was a bloody good actor, or he actually was interested in my reply.

Of course I started babbling about my weekend, I was so glad he asked!!

That happens several times but in different locations. Now you might come with a comment like: “They are friendly because they want to sell more stuff to you” but no! As a matter a fact, the customer chat often begins at the end of the purchase, when money has been exchanged and everyone is happy. I often get questions if I have any plans for the evening or the weekend to come.

And it’s not that they have to ask me. They have another view of costumer service over here. A friend of mine working in a retail store was telling me how important she thinks it is that a costumer greets and chats with her while in the store.

You never know who you bump into. Let’s make your next purchase/retail experience something to remember. The person you start to chat with might surprise you, giving you a new perspective about other people or you learn something about yourself.

Everything happens for a reason.


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