My first photo shoot

I really love taking pictures of people doing creative stuff. So I was thinking to myself “How can I do that easiest way possible?”

To start with, I sneak around, being the smooth/creepy paparazzi. Trying to get that moment of calmness people express when they do something “arty”.

I am aware of how incredible weird  and hazy that sounds. But there’s something special in the eyes of people doing something they love; watching art, playing an instrument, acting etc.

So, how do I get that type of opportunities without being a weird paparazzi?
Of course! I go to a theater, and offer free manpower. The Giant Dwarf was keen on the idea to receive free images from a fairly good “just for fun”-photographer with a fairly good digital camera. I emailed three, got one respond. The thoughts of the other two companies are, to this day, written in the stars. I do this because it’s a good way to get to know my camera and to improve in my photo skills.

The result of my shoot you can see under the title “Portfolio”.


/Sammanfattning på svenska tillägnat Mamma, Pappa, suegra och Mona (efter förfrågan)

Jag har fofograferat gratis för en teaterförening här i Sydney, jätteroligt! Jag fick äta en paj som tack för hjälpen. Det är framförallt bra träning för mig, plus att om de är nöjda med bilderna så kan jag kanske få fler jobb där sen eller nån annanstans. Roligt var det i alla fall.

Kika under fliken “Portfolio” för att se resultatet.

Gott mos!

  1. For being a happy beginner in photography, I have to say my (unbiased, I ensure) opinion that you are pretty darn good.

    So proud of you <3.

  2. Coolt baby, riktigt coolt 🙂

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