Minimalism – stuff and friends

Society has made us believing that in order to be happy, you have to consume. They want your money, and the best way doing that is to trick you into believing that you need them. Don’t you want the new iPhone? It will make you as tough and successful as the person in the commercial. Massive clothing production companies are making a fortune on our materialism, which results in huge billboard campaigns, inspiring us to consume even more. And we are surrounded by this, everywhere we look.

As I got here I started, just by accident really, to watch Nexflix documentaries. I saw the documentary movie Minimalism, and I realized that this is important shit. In some perspectives I have lived a minimalist “way” since a couple of years back, without being able to put a word for it.

Roughly, you can say that minimalism is about living your life in a way that is most valuable to you. What that means is that you might have some tough cleaning to do in your life. First, you declutter and get rid of everything that you don’t use. ALL the “this-is-just-in-case”-things must go away. Why? Because you don’t use them and those things are being a burden for you either consciously or unconsciously.

Before going to Australia I did just that in terms of clothes. It was natural to do that, and easy because all I asked myself was: “Will I use this when two years has passed?” and if the answer was negative I simply gave it to charity. To be honest here, in our closet we know from the beginning what clothes we like and dislike. All these excuses occur in our mind going through our wardrobe: “Maybe I wear this when I go to a special event” or “maybe I wear that when I’m good enough” etc etc. But that day never comes, and you end up having all these clothes that you just used once or twice or never. The price tag is still on for goodness sake. Is that you I’m talking about?

Things are meant to be used, because the other way does not work!

This doesn’t mean that you can’t buy stuff. But when you do, please ask yourself: “Is this going to be valuable to me?” is yes, then buy it. And for heavens sake USE IT. I bought a new purse recently because it was worn out, and the white colors simply were dark gray now and the lock didn’t work either.

Another example: Before moving to Heapstralia, me and Matias was talking about buying a three room apartment in Stockholm because he wanted a working space. Then the opportunity came to move to Sydney, so we never did that fortunately. Now we have decluttered so much that we have a whole drawer that we don’t need anymore. Getting rid of that means that Matias can fit his office desk in our bedroom.

You can apply this on every aspect of your life, really. Friends for example. In my life I only have friends that I feel a connection to. We have basic life values in common and a true love and respect for each other that unite us. Everyone has different personalities, but the basics are there. When I was younger I had friends, but we grew apart. Some of them treated me with disrespect, and therefore they are not in my life anymore.

You can’t change people around you, but you can change people around you.


I’m gonna show you my closet. See the amounts of clothes I have? 


In total, I have about 40 pieces of garments and shoes combined. I love every single piece.

In addition to that, I have about 12 jewelry pieces that I love wearing. And I’m happy with that. I had to buy some “winter”-clothes since I only packed my summer wardrobe but now I feel completely satisfied with my choices.


Happy minimalism peeps!

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