From vivid to saffron

Hi everyone!

Since I last wrote you I ‘ve had some stuff to do. I’m really excited for my interest in photography, and I’m doing some work for friends that need some good shots for some reason. I feel so happy when I get to contribute and help someone else that need my skills in any way. Probably explaining why I was drawn to nursing in a way.

Last week I did a shoot for my friends family owned saffron company Supersia. I was filled with gratitude that they asked me, since I have never shot industrial before. It turned out great though, and you can view some of the pics in my portfolio. We will meet for a new shoot soon, and I’m going to be posing with the products… Fun times!

Vivid festival is in Sydney, a light installation festival over the entire city (and suburbs). A photographers dream to be honest. I get to use my tripod to catch things with slow shutter speed which is all new to me. If you follow me on Instagram, I upload some of my work there. I’m also doing some fun modelling with some fellow friends of photography.

I’m new to Instagram, but I have friends that know the drill and how to work the hashtags. The thing with hashtags is that other people can find your photos better, like a label to describe your photo. I got so darn happy when Instagramers Sydney  did a repost (my first!) of my shot the other week. That is a huge compliment and acknowledgement I did not expect. Now I just want to continue with photography and see how far I can reach. #selfgrowth

My short course in photography is soon coming to its end. Eight weeks passed like the speed of light. I have learned to master my camera in manual and I’m eager to learn more from different workshops in the future. The coming two weeks all students (about 30 people) have one mission: to edit their 30 best pics during these eight weeks and send them in for a Top 30 competition. The pics will be evaluated by the teachers of the company and the Top 30 best pics will be revealed on final course night. I recently bought a new computer and Lightroom to do my editing properly. So now I’m going to watch immense amounts of tutorials on Youtube about Lightroom editing.


Keep your fingers crossed!

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