Honeymoon is over

Yep. The day has come – I’m bored of having all the time in the world. I’ve had fun though, certainly time well spent, can’t complain about that. It took me 6 months to come to this point, but now I’m ready to go back to some kind of payed work. My mind has been tossed between assistant to a photographer or hospitality. Two service minded jobs, indeed. That’s what suits my personality best. In a reasonable period of time, I will preferably do both while here in Australia. But for a start, I will go for waitressing at some cafe.

Starting job searching I went online just to see the demand. Each and every ad had a minimum of 200 views, so I’m surely not the only one applying. Sending some resumes off, I got no replies in return. Can’t just sit at home doing this, I quickly realise. So I head out. I have to go out of my bubble, and meet my future employer face to face. Charm them with my…. Ah, you get it. I can do this. I. Can. Do. This.

Here in Australia hospitality employers want to see how you work before they hire you. You know, try the car before you buy it. It’s called a “trial”, mostly a 1-2 hour session where you come and show them what you got. By law they have to pay you. But they don’t, usually. Cuz, if you don’t agree to that, someone else will. Telling them that they break the law will not make any difference.

First day of walking around handing out resumes, I got two trials same week. For one employer I worked 1 h for free, and the other one payed me for 3 out of 5 hours. I did well on both of them because it turns out working in hospitality versus hospitals are very similar when it comes to service and making a customer happy. They where both interested in hiring me. I want to work part time or Monday to Friday, so I still have time to cultivate my passion with photography and maybe doing some extra work with MCTV. The problem is that they want me to work weekends. I’ve had my share with working weekends as a nurse, and I don’t want to go back to those shifts. Maybe once in a while, but not every weekend. It’s not worth it considering Matias is free on weekends, and I value our quality time so high. Cross your fingers for me!

These two weeks I started dancing improvisation contact dance. For you who arn’t familiar with this form of dance, here’s an example.

My friend Laura from the coffee shop took me to this community two weeks ago, and now I’m hooked. Improvisation is something that I really like in general, but in dancing it is so different from any other dance I know. It’s about trust. Trusting yourself, and then others. Starting of with easy massaging each other followed by more basic contact dancing with just hands and arms. Practicing the subtle art of listening how the other person/s touch responds to yours and the opposite – without saying a word. If you think it sounds hippie (yes it is) but the people you meet doing this are just pure loving creatures you actually can trust. Suddenly the dance might bring you to the floor hugging each other, laying on top of one another… And if you’re not comfortable you can leave the dance for a moment or just sit and watch.

One of the volunteers invited the class into his shared house for a dinner this weekend. Matias had work to do, so I made the decision to simply go there solo. Pretty brave considering I only met them once. I brought a shared plate and had a wonderful time. Everybody contributed to dinner, and then we did contact dancing the rest of the night.

Have you ever experienced a tingling feeling in your entire body that just makes you so relaxed you can just go to sleep on the spot? That’s the feeling I get from contact dancing. The oxytocin levels are sky high from all the touching I get from other people. It’s intoxicating, but in a good way. Contributing to a volunteer community is also making me feel so good. New positive situations I open myself up to will take me to loving and caring people, and making me grow personally. It’s all about the positive energy that we all deserve to have around us.

After all. We are all the same.

Take care.

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