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I had a thought of my blog content. My goal is that my readers find value in the blog, that the content makes you return for more. As hard as that is to achieve, I will definitely do my very best. I think that if I write about something that excites me, then it will excite my readers as well. So, I decided that I will write about my photography, my point of view of some of the challenges I will cross and also some “behind the scene” stories of some shots.

I have limited my photography to the weekends now, basically because I then have time to actually edit them during forthcoming week (at least that’s my plan). During the weekends me and Matias explore the grater good of Sydney. It can be through bush hikes, visiting some new suburb 2 hours away or joining some kind of festival that we find value in (mostly food festivals!). During these trips I take the camera with me and I always come home with images I can be proud of. Out of maybe 200 images, after editing and serious self criticism I might come down to 50 frames that I can use.

I need experience in this field. The best way of getting experience is to practice. In a Facebook group I recently announced my interest of shooting portraits, all donation based. Hiring a pro photographer costs a fortune. My idea is that anyone, no matter of economic background, should have a proper photo taken. Two people reached out to me, how amazing is that!?

I now have a casual job as an event photographer for an event company. My first shoot was last week, a 10 hour event for business women. I was there with another fellow and took photos of them at a so called “beauty booth”. The photos were send to a printer directly after the shoot. The interest was huge, the lines grew massively. My flash stoped working so we had to replace it with a light ring, but other then that – we did great me and Ollie. Looking forward to work more with there guys in the future.

I have joined a photography club in Bondi. We meet once a month and have friendly photo competitions, which means that you can submit in total 8 images. An experienced photographer judges the images by handing out different points called credits and merits. Merits give higher points than credits. The judge comments every image too, without knowing who the artist is. On my first competition night I received 1 merit and 4 credits out of 8 submitted photos, which I’m just thrilled to get.

Here are the photos I got points for:

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