Car wrecks in Morisset

We had a new experience some weeks back. Sydney – a city with a population of over five million people – is obviously having areas that are worth investigating.


Morisset, about two hours north of Sydney, is the place to spot wallabies. Wallabies are a smaller type of kangaroo, that becomes visible at time of dawn. On our way there me and Matias got a little lost, thanks to Google Maps (always easier to blame technology than our sense of location!). We ended up in an abandoned old mental hospital area. Locals use it for fun times of setting cars on fire, and heaps of car skeletons are left to it’s own destiny. Obviously, my camera popped up.

I shoot in RAW from this day. I’m a tad scared of the result because now I got more pixels to work with than JPEG. Each image is about 25 megabite. After some helpful tutorials online and from friends expertise I think I’m on the right path editing them so they look acceptable.

After the car wreck shoot we headed off to another nearby location and saw heaps of wallabies. Unfortunately my camera lacks some technicalities in low light/night photography because of high noise appearance when hitting over 800 ISO. The whole experience was epic though, exploring a new part of Sydney and get lost in a former mental hospital area surrounded by wallabies.

Praise life. And watch the pics from our journey in my portfolio




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