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Just got a blog post published on the Swedish website Swedes in Australia with around 12 000 readers! You can read my blog post here. Maybe doing more blogging for them in the future, who knows…


So, I last week I was in Palm Beach again with a friend. It’s may second time there, and the path to get there is pretty much a 1,5 h bus ride. It’s so worth it, the beach is fantastic and the view from the lighthouse is absolutely breathtaking.

The sun was high but down going, which is dreadful for a photographer because it causes a lot of sharp shadows that you might not want in your shot. Here, I took advantage of that. Instead of taking a classic sunset shot, I took the glare from the sun and included it in the shot. The tree and the red field underneath (and the people around the lighthouse) all making a complete shot.

Next one is what might be a simple tree, but I was drawn to the curve of the trunk aligning with the beach underneath. The sky could have been more cloudy but hey, a clear blue sky works well too.



Stay tuned for more snaps from our discovering trips!

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  1. It’s about time to remove ‘the work from a total beginner’ from the first page…

    So proud of you <3

    Best regards,
    Your photography assistant

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