Michelle and Kath

I need experience in taking portraits of people, and I know that there are people out there who need a professional photo of some sort. It could be for a blog, job interview, business related, wedding etc. A professional photographer is not affordable for everyone. I decided to write about my interest of photography on a Facebook page for swedes living in Sydney and got three replies. One of them was Michelle, and you can see my portrait of her in my portfolio.

Living in Ultimo is a bless. I’m connecting with so many like minded people here. One of them are a neighbour of mine, Kath. She works as a naturopath down the road and is just full of so much spunk, vibrancy and positiv energy that is really contageous. When she asked me for help doing some headshots at her workplace I didn’t hesitate to help out. I’m so excited to go there again and do some “interacting-with-patient” shots.

Through Kath, I met Ann. Ann is the director for Movement Republic, an activity center celebrating the body’s natural capability of movement. Through ropes, ladders and heaps of dynamic fun the participants do different group workshops focusing on the whole body, not only one body part at the time. It turns out that Ann needed some photos taken for flyers, posters and website… Those photos are in the making so stay tuned for the result!

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