A while ago we joined the non-profit organisation Will2Live. Will, who started cooking food in his mothers garage six years ago, was basically fed up with his current situation as a drug dealer and decided to take a massive action. Today he’s got an organisation with returning volunteers, cooking and dealing out food to the homeless people outside Central Station in Sydney. Me and Matias contribute about 1-2 days a week.

I got asked to document the yearly Christmas event through both photography and videography. Heaps of volunteers all ages were gathered to serve and cook food on the spot. Musicians played great tunes that we all could sing along to. Being in this community for about 6 months now, we’re slowly getting to know the community we’re serving. It’s interesting to just ask one question and see what you get in return:

– What’s your story?

Some are more willing to talk than others and some simply won’t stop talking. One bloke just finished off his fourth bottle of wine, and my first thought was “And I have never seen you this sober”. Same one, never wants butter on his sausage bread because that’s unhealthy for him. Yes, we all have our rule books containing the truth as we know it. We’re sticking to it even though we deep inside know it’s not sustainable. Why? Could it be fear?

I was working with cancer patients, hearing about their fears. Beloved relatives that reveal their inner anger at the nurse because they don’t know how to express their fear differently. As a nurse, fear was always around me. Like a friend tapping you on the shoulder once in a while just to check up on you. I learned how to listen to the fear of others very well. Questioning their fear instead of running away from it.

How about my own fears? I’m afraid of change. Change for me means uncertainty, which is a word that doesn’t sound that positive. I have discovered that I have a super power; I can redefine the meaning of everything that comes into my life.


I define change as rebirth. Chance to learn something new. Explore. Throwing myself into something that I have no knowledge about. Embrace the mistakes that come with change and learn from them.

Although I never though I would, I moved abroad not knowing a single soul.

Although I never thought I could, I started a photography business in Australia [now with a proper business card!]

Although I never thought I would, I began living a more healthy lifestyle including physical activity and changing diet. Those of you who have known me for a long time know that I absolutely hated to exercise. I was looking at a salad bowl as it was intoxicated with rat poison.


I have come a long way. And I have just started.



One of my shots featured on Will2live website

Movement Republic

Welcome to a slightly new website! I now have a more representable homepage image that is my own work and not some “free-from-copyright”-image that has super poor quality.

Lovely to have you here again! I’m happy to tell you that I have made a shoot for Movement Republic, an activity/gym center in my neighbourhood. Feel free to go to my portfolio to see the result.

I just did a photo shoot with my cool hairdresser Tara at her salon in Surry Hills. Will post more when I have edit them.

I finally did it.

My only Christmas present for myself this year is a lens. And boy, have I looked into that matter for a while now. I’m exhausted to say the least. All the choices, brands, reviews to read through. I’m not going to tell you how many hours I spend reading reviews (6 h), but it made me come to a conclusion. I now have a Sony 35mm f/1.8 that I’m very satisfied with. The autofocus – so fast that it almost frightens me. Sure, a tad pricey in comparison with other brands, but all I can say is that it’s worth it. From having a kit lens that gives one of the most overwhelming distorsions in this world and almost no light slipping through the lens – to a aperture of 1.8 – wow. With this lens I can shoot both street and portrait. I just have to learn that it’s a fixed lens, meaning zooming isn’t possible.

Happy holidays peeps!

Michelle and Kath

I need experience in taking portraits of people, and I know that there are people out there who need a professional photo of some sort. It could be for a blog, job interview, business related, wedding etc. A professional photographer is not affordable for everyone. I decided to write about my interest of photography on a Facebook page for swedes living in Sydney and got three replies. One of them was Michelle, and you can see my portrait of her in my portfolio.

Living in Ultimo is a bless. I’m connecting with so many like minded people here. One of them are a neighbour of mine, Kath. She works as a naturopath down the road and is just full of so much spunk, vibrancy and positiv energy that is really contageous. When she asked me for help doing some headshots at her workplace I didn’t hesitate to help out. I’m so excited to go there again and do some “interacting-with-patient” shots.

Through Kath, I met Ann. Ann is the director for Movement Republic, an activity center celebrating the body’s natural capability of movement. Through ropes, ladders and heaps of dynamic fun the participants do different group workshops focusing on the whole body, not only one body part at the time. It turns out that Ann needed some photos taken for flyers, posters and website… Those photos are in the making so stay tuned for the result!

Tattoo for Katie

Next photo mission I had was a few months ago when my friend Katie was going to have a tattoo made. She had thought about it for a long time but hadn’t scheduled time to go down and do it. After a discussion about it, we went down to the taut shop in Bondi just down the street from her. My Canon and I simply went along for the ride. Amazing staff at Kaleidoscope Tattoo, letting me photograph the whole process, from sketch to finish. While watching an artist create irreversible art, I love to hear about their stories. How they ended up being where they are today. Taking the time to actually listen and process it, can help me understand why they act a certain way. This is something I like to practice with every new person I meet, and hopefully I can tell that story through my photos.

Please enjoy my shots from the session in my portfolio.

Palm beach


Just got a blog post published on the Swedish website Swedes in Australia with around 12 000 readers! You can read my blog post here. Maybe doing more blogging for them in the future, who knows…


So, I last week I was in Palm Beach again with a friend. It’s may second time there, and the path to get there is pretty much a 1,5 h bus ride. It’s so worth it, the beach is fantastic and the view from the lighthouse is absolutely breathtaking.

The sun was high but down going, which is dreadful for a photographer because it causes a lot of sharp shadows that you might not want in your shot. Here, I took advantage of that. Instead of taking a classic sunset shot, I took the glare from the sun and included it in the shot. The tree and the red field underneath (and the people around the lighthouse) all making a complete shot.

Next one is what might be a simple tree, but I was drawn to the curve of the trunk aligning with the beach underneath. The sky could have been more cloudy but hey, a clear blue sky works well too.



Stay tuned for more snaps from our discovering trips!