Honeymoon is over

Yep. The day has come – I’m bored of having all the time in the world. I’ve had fun though, certainly time well spent, can’t complain about that. It took me 6 months to come to this point, but now I’m ready to go back to some kind of payed work. My mind has been tossed between assistant to a photographer or hospitality. Two service minded jobs, indeed. That’s what suits my personality best. In a reasonable period of time, I will preferably do both while here in Australia. But for a start, I will go for waitressing at some cafe.

Starting job searching I went online just to see the demand. Each and every ad had a minimum of 200 views, so I’m surely not the only one applying. Sending some resumes off, I got no replies in return. Can’t just sit at home doing this, I quickly realise. So I head out. I have to go out of my bubble, and meet my future employer face to face. Charm them with my…. Ah, you get it. I can do this. I. Can. Do. This.

Here in Australia hospitality employers want to see how you work before they hire you. You know, try the car before you buy it. It’s called a “trial”, mostly a 1-2 hour session where you come and show them what you got. By law they have to pay you. But they don’t, usually. Cuz, if you don’t agree to that, someone else will. Telling them that they break the law will not make any difference.

First day of walking around handing out resumes, I got two trials same week. For one employer I worked 1 h for free, and the other one payed me for 3 out of 5 hours. I did well on both of them because it turns out working in hospitality versus hospitals are very similar when it comes to service and making a customer happy. They where both interested in hiring me. I want to work part time or Monday to Friday, so I still have time to cultivate my passion with photography and maybe doing some extra work with MCTV. The problem is that they want me to work weekends. I’ve had my share with working weekends as a nurse, and I don’t want to go back to those shifts. Maybe once in a while, but not every weekend. It’s not worth it considering Matias is free on weekends, and I value our quality time so high. Cross your fingers for me!

These two weeks I started dancing improvisation contact dance. For you who arn’t familiar with this form of dance, here’s an example.

My friend Laura from the coffee shop took me to this community two weeks ago, and now I’m hooked. Improvisation is something that I really like in general, but in dancing it is so different from any other dance I know. It’s about trust. Trusting yourself, and then others. Starting of with easy massaging each other followed by more basic contact dancing with just hands and arms. Practicing the subtle art of listening how the other person/s touch responds to yours and the opposite – without saying a word. If you think it sounds hippie (yes it is) but the people you meet doing this are just pure loving creatures you actually can trust. Suddenly the dance might bring you to the floor hugging each other, laying on top of one another… And if you’re not comfortable you can leave the dance for a moment or just sit and watch.

One of the volunteers invited the class into his shared house for a dinner this weekend. Matias had work to do, so I made the decision to simply go there solo. Pretty brave considering I only met them once. I brought a shared plate and had a wonderful time. Everybody contributed to dinner, and then we did contact dancing the rest of the night.

Have you ever experienced a tingling feeling in your entire body that just makes you so relaxed you can just go to sleep on the spot? That’s the feeling I get from contact dancing. The oxytocin levels are sky high from all the touching I get from other people. It’s intoxicating, but in a good way. Contributing to a volunteer community is also making me feel so good. New positive situations I open myself up to will take me to loving and caring people, and making me grow personally. It’s all about the positive energy that we all deserve to have around us.

After all. We are all the same.

Take care.

Minimalism – stuff and friends

Society has made us believing that in order to be happy, you have to consume. They want your money, and the best way doing that is to trick you into believing that you need them. Don’t you want the new iPhone? It will make you as tough and successful as the person in the commercial. Massive clothing production companies are making a fortune on our materialism, which results in huge billboard campaigns, inspiring us to consume even more. And we are surrounded by this, everywhere we look.

As I got here I started, just by accident really, to watch Nexflix documentaries. I saw the documentary movie Minimalism, and I realized that this is important shit. In some perspectives I have lived a minimalist “way” since a couple of years back, without being able to put a word for it.

Roughly, you can say that minimalism is about living your life in a way that is most valuable to you. What that means is that you might have some tough cleaning to do in your life. First, you declutter and get rid of everything that you don’t use. ALL the “this-is-just-in-case”-things must go away. Why? Because you don’t use them and those things are being a burden for you either consciously or unconsciously.

Before going to Australia I did just that in terms of clothes. It was natural to do that, and easy because all I asked myself was: “Will I use this when two years has passed?” and if the answer was negative I simply gave it to charity. To be honest here, in our closet we know from the beginning what clothes we like and dislike. All these excuses occur in our mind going through our wardrobe: “Maybe I wear this when I go to a special event” or “maybe I wear that when I’m good enough” etc etc. But that day never comes, and you end up having all these clothes that you just used once or twice or never. The price tag is still on for goodness sake. Is that you I’m talking about?

Things are meant to be used, because the other way does not work!

This doesn’t mean that you can’t buy stuff. But when you do, please ask yourself: “Is this going to be valuable to me?” is yes, then buy it. And for heavens sake USE IT. I bought a new purse recently because it was worn out, and the white colors simply were dark gray now and the lock didn’t work either.

Another example: Before moving to Heapstralia, me and Matias was talking about buying a three room apartment in Stockholm because he wanted a working space. Then the opportunity came to move to Sydney, so we never did that fortunately. Now we have decluttered so much that we have a whole drawer that we don’t need anymore. Getting rid of that means that Matias can fit his office desk in our bedroom.

You can apply this on every aspect of your life, really. Friends for example. In my life I only have friends that I feel a connection to. We have basic life values in common and a true love and respect for each other that unite us. Everyone has different personalities, but the basics are there. When I was younger I had friends, but we grew apart. Some of them treated me with disrespect, and therefore they are not in my life anymore.

You can’t change people around you, but you can change people around you.


I’m gonna show you my closet. See the amounts of clothes I have? 


In total, I have about 40 pieces of garments and shoes combined. I love every single piece.

In addition to that, I have about 12 jewelry pieces that I love wearing. And I’m happy with that. I had to buy some “winter”-clothes since I only packed my summer wardrobe but now I feel completely satisfied with my choices.


Happy minimalism peeps!

Thoughts about working your butt off

Spending my time here, I’ve had some troubles having all this time to… “kill”. Hay! you say, that’s not a problem, that’s luxury. Well. Let’s just say that I’m used to work, and hard work to say the least. I used to love my work because I made a difference to the patients I gave care to. I was actually proud of my profession when I graduated (even if so many random people just looked at me with a big question mark on their face, wondering why the heck she actually wants to deal with urine).

As a nurse working at a hospital ward taking care of cancer patients is a tricky business, mostly because I took everything home with me. I planned next coming day in my head. Thinking about the day that have passed, constantly debating with my head what I could have made better. Did I say the right things? Etc. Oh, the mental burden. I was such an awesome nurse to be honest – the patients had trust in me, I was getting along with everybody I worked with. Patients specifically asked for me when they re-visited the ward for a check up. I was even asked to take an education to become a head nurse. Thrive to have a career, probably earning the double pay that I had as a regular nurse. I was involved in projects regarding learning patients to cope with their new stoma, I got prescription rights… I had things going my way.

One day I just sat there, looking in the computer for several minutes. A fellow co-worker came up to me asking how I was doing, and I burst into tears. I had tons of things to do, room 1 was going to surgery, Miss Dementia fell down the bed again (the IV is out, must put a new one in so she doesn’t die from dehydration) must remember to write an accident report on that. Mr T just threw up again and wants analgesics and something for the nausea, room 6:2 is going home and is wondering about that medication the doctor just prescribed. I remember that the recent weekend shift was shitty – a colleague called in sick so we had to work even harder. A doctor then calls to put another patient in the ward, even though I explained to him that we had enough to do as it is. He still sent the patient up. I fucking freaked. Sitting staring at the computer, that scenario played in my head over and over…

Of course I crashed.
And nothing has changed. Every year reports show that nurses in Sweden has a terrible working environment. They are underpaid, overworked and underestimated. Sadly, people don’t know the strength of a nurse before they meet one in a fragile part of their life. Meanwhile, the entire health staff are told to work even harder, more effective. No one is getting hurt by this, the politicians say. And eventually every single nurse is joining the path of fatigue syndrome. I ended my situation before I got to that path.

I always said that if I start to cry at work, I will quit that job. And I held my word, one week after that I quit and started a new job focusing on health instead of disease. Day job instead of working shifts. But that experience also made me realize that I need to discover something else in my life.

So, yes. I have some trouble not having a work to go to every day. This is therapy for me in a way that only I understand. And I have actually learned to like it.

Love to ya’ll <3


Svensk sjukvård suger, det har jag fått erfara efter att nästan gått in i den välkända väggen för sisådär tre år sedan. Fy fan va jag jobbade. Så att inte jobba nu, det är en omställning, och en jobbig sådan. Men jag börjar gilla det för nu kan jag njuta av livet på ett helt annat sätt.

Community night

Me and Matias like coffee. A lot. So we obviously have a favorite cafe nearby us. In fact, they are just around the corner. They make the best breakfasts in the whole world, and that’s really not an understatement. It’s a family owned place, and from the first day I sat my ass in there I get smiles every time from them.

I have had a secret dream for a long while now.

I go into a cafe, right. Since I’ve been a recurrent visitor, they know me by know. They just look at me – I look at them – and I don’t have to say anything because they know what I want. And I know they know.

That’s exactly what have happened now. Tom and Lily (that is truly the name of the owners!!) with family are just amazing people.

They arranged a community night for the people living in our neighborhood, Ultimo. Mainly, I found out about it from a piece of paper put up on their cafe entrance door and my thought was: “That seems nice!”. It was a night filled with music, amazing food and good company. I took some photos on the band (since they qualify into my category of people doing arty stuff), and I will put them on my portfolio as well.

/svensk sammanfattning

Vi går till ett cafe lite titt som tätt och nu har det till och med blivit så att jag har blivit stammis där. Alltså: de ser mig när jag kommer, vinkar glatt, och sen behöver jag bara sätta mig för de vet exakt vad jag vill ha! Och lite extra trevligt att de är hederligt fina människor med bara positiv energi. Det är en familj från England, och ägarna heter Tom och Lilly (alltså inte Tom o Jerry). Har fått bra kontakt med deras dotter, Laura, som är lika ung som jag. (<< INFO SOM INTE FINNS I ENGELSKA VERSIONEN).

I alla fall, jag skrev in oss på en grannkväll som de arrangerade i vårt område, vi var ungefär 40 pers. En kväll av god mat, härlig indisk musik och bra atmosfär. Nyfiken på bilder? Jag bjussar på det under “portfolio” <<klickbar link “ojoj så avancerat”


Awesome aussies

I’m gonna write my first post in pure English (sorry mum and dad but I’m sure you can handle it). It’s a good practice, and I don’t have to write things twice 🙂

I’m thinking of Australian people. The way they act in general to strangers. How I, as a Scandinavian, in comparison is so damn stiff sometimes. Being here for a short time though, I might romanticize it all a tad, but I see some differences in how we approach people.

We all care for each other, the people surrounding us. We want everyone to be well, and we want that in return – of course! If I go groceries shopping  in Sweden, or I order an ice cream, or buying a ticket for a cinema – anything that makes me communicate with someone other than myself – I mostly get a… rather “coolish” communication. The deal is pretty much set in a couple of standard dialog phrases “Hi, may I have that please, thank you, goodbye”. And I guess that’s okay too, but here it’s different.

I went to Coles the other day [for swedes – similar to “Coop”] and I apparently had the look of a lost child, because a employee comes up to me asking me what I’m looking for.

I was stunned. Has that ever happened to you in Sweden??

AND while he kindly directing me to the right shelf of cockroach spray, he asked me how my weekend was. He maybe was a bloody good actor, or he actually was interested in my reply.

Of course I started babbling about my weekend, I was so glad he asked!!

That happens several times but in different locations. Now you might come with a comment like: “They are friendly because they want to sell more stuff to you” but no! As a matter a fact, the customer chat often begins at the end of the purchase, when money has been exchanged and everyone is happy. I often get questions if I have any plans for the evening or the weekend to come.

And it’s not that they have to ask me. They have another view of costumer service over here. A friend of mine working in a retail store was telling me how important she thinks it is that a costumer greets and chats with her while in the store.

You never know who you bump into. Let’s make your next purchase/retail experience something to remember. The person you start to chat with might surprise you, giving you a new perspective about other people or you learn something about yourself.

Everything happens for a reason.